We’re always looking for new curators! A curator can be anyone. You’ll tweet about your work, rest, and play. You’ll answer questions about Canadian culture, from whether we all live in igloos (no) to whether you live in an igloo (maybe).

Being a curator is all about interacting, not just broadcasting. 

Rotating rotating curators

We’re going to do something different. We’ll be not only rotating people, we’ll also be rotating provinces and territories. We want every corner of Canada to have a voice, from the far north of Nunavut to the western coast of British Columbia.

Not only that, but because Canada is the proud home of two official languages, we will occasionally will be rotating between English and French.

Is there a special event happening in your place (Caribana, Winterlude, Pride, the Stampede, etc)? Mention it and you could be the curator for when that happens!

How do you become a Curator?

Suggest a friend or yourself! Give us a few reasons as to why you deserve to be “Canada” for a week. Some essential information we’ll need:

  • Your full name
  • Your Twitter handle (Essential! We want people who are already active in the Twittersphere!) 
  • Your city and province 
  • Language: We welcome both English and French tweeters. For your week, tweet in one or both! Canada is a country with two official languages.
Apply at:

Some important things to note for curators:

  • We are accepting of most viewpoints and opinions of Canada, but there is a small line that we will hope that you keep yourselves reined in. This means no racism, sexism, queerphobia, etc.
  • Violating the above rule will result in moderation, including, if need be, revoking of access to the account
  • Not every tweet needs to be of something of utmost importance. You are a person of Canada, so observations and actions of regular life is perfectly great.