A rotating crew of Canadians sharing their lives with Canada and the world.

Une équipe tournante des Canadiens qui partage leurs vies avec le Canada et le monde.



Twitter Handle: @calgarydreamer

A transplant from Montreal, this fellow is very much a man about town whether it be small business or food delights. Possessing an incredible number of friends in the local YYC food community, he’s gone out of his way to explore the many tastes and flavours of the culinary world.
But what he’s especially known for? His love for Calgary and the efforts to promote the city as best he can. Heck, to prove that point, he co-founded the YYCBurgerWeek.com Culinary Burger Charity festival and is in the middle of planning the sister YYCPizzaWeek.com event for late September.
He writes regularly for CalgaryIsAwesome.com, and occasionally for other online publications.
And if you want to read some pretty funny and sad tales, his personal blog, calgarydreamer.wordpress.com is bound to entertain.
 In the meantime, he invites you to join the conversation on Facebook with Imagination 150, the grassroots group dedicated to planning for Canada’s 150th Birthday in 2017!


Twitter Handle: @lehogan

Lori is a proud Newfoundlander who hopes to visit the other half of her province (Labrador) someday. She is a computer engineer currently working in research project management, and a devoted volunteer to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

She is also a mom to one fur-child (beagle, age 14) and two human children (aged 3 and 1.5), and wife to a fellow computer engineer. In whatever free time is leftover, she likes to eat, run, travel, and learn more about everything.


Twitter Handle: @tara_m_davidson
Tara is a cattle rancher, mom to twins + one, and a wife, living in beautiful southwest Saskatchewan.

Also a self-identified plant geek, she is a prairie plant biologist. And she tickles the ivories from time to time.  


Twitter Handle: @alisonborealis

Alison is an environmental scientist from Edmonton, who’s spent the past decade in various realms of environmental research, field work and consulting. She has been paid to hike and hug trees (well, measure them, really) and pick berries (to understand what the bears eat) all over Alberta.
She’s also worked on biodiversity reporting and environmental impact assessment projects, and has even contributed to the development of carbon offset protocols. At present, she’s exploring her options and trying to decide what future directions to pursue within the diverse field. 
When she’s not thinking about trees and bears and carbon and climate change and biodiversity, she’s exploring the cities and towns she lives in. At present, it’s Edmonton, her home town. For three years, it was Calgary, and for a few summers, it was a number of communities and work camps in the north and foothills of the province (and for one summer, it was Yellowstone National Park in the States). 

Because it’s Edmonton, and because her roots run deep in this city, this week’s tweets will include wanders to some of her old haunts and new favourite places. And she pretty much promises, there will be tweets about fireworks and (hopefully) pancakes on Canada Day!


Twitter Handle: @vmochama

Vicky Mochama is young Torontonian with a love for politics who currently works with non-profit CIVIX (@CIVIX_Canada), and as a volunteer coordinator for the Revue Cinema in Roncesvalles (@RevueCinema). My typical week involves lots of movies, Wine Wednesday and beach volleyball. 
I also write a newsletter on all things Canadian politics called Canada Weakly (tinyletter.com/CanadaWeakly).


Twitter Handle: @gasiu

Despite being a true Vancouverite at heart, Winona So moved to Waterloo four years ago to attend the University of Waterloo. Even though she fell in love with Waterloo, she decided to come back to work in Vancouver for 4 months for the summer. 

Cats (especially her cat), user interface and design, television, and baking delicious foods are a big part of her life, but she also can’t go a day without some video games and some form of fitness (she recently fell in love with lifting weights).

She’s currently an English major (with only 4 months left!) who studies business, and specializes in digital arts communication, but she’s a little bit crazy, and wants to go back to school for more.


Twitter Handle: @bella_velo

Kelsey Wiens born in Calgary but loves Cape Town South Africa. A librarian by training, she works to increase access to information in Africa.

Kelsey is Public Lead for Creative Commons South Africa, Board member for Code4SA (supporting Open Data), co-creator for OpenAfrica a Pan-African education program with WikiAfrica to support Open Licence minded movements across Africa.

Also loves whisky and still says aboot. 


Twitter Handle: @pacotrouble

I’m Hilary from Toronto.

 I’m a husband of a professional musician, a father of a 5-day old boy, and a business lawyer.

I grew up in Saskatchewan, went to school in Ottawa and Montreal before jobs in Calgary and Toronto.

Je parle français aussi!


Twitter Handle: @amhranai

Heather was born and raised in Guelph, Ontario and has been living in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario since she graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University. 

She has a passion for local food and craft beers, both of which are in abundance in Waterloo Region.

If she isn’t working away on something in the kitchen, her and her husband are probably outdoors enjoying camping, gardening, hiking and road trips. 


Twitter Handle: @MsWelbergen

Fairweather geocacher, chapstick addict. Sandy is a grade 5/6 teacher in Winnipeg. She moved there in 1999, from Edmonton after completing a BSc in Geography at the University of Alberta.  She completed her BEd at the University of Manitoba.

Sandy has been active on Twitter since 2009, when she discovered all the incredible learning she and her students could do. That’s pretty much how she got into geocaching, and a plethora of other techy past-times. Now she does them all for fun too.

Sandy loves to share her passion for learning. She strives to one day be a school administrator. She’s also a member of Winnipeg’s Burger Club- not a bad gig!